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An amusing story from the Italian press to share with you this morning.

A security lorry carrying over two million euros in coins overturned along a motorway in Southern Italy this week. Its rear door popped open, shedding its load. Before the police arrived, incredulous motorists had picked up and made off with around 10,000 euros.

The money, all in 1 and 2 euro coins, was en-route from Cesara to Bari. The coins had come from the Italian mint and were due to be distributed amongst local banks.

In the light of austerity measures being imposed on Italians because of the recession, it is not surprising that one newspaper saw fit to describe the event as  “the miracle of the coins”.


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From: Gillian at One Stop Italy

As you can imagine, I have a vast store of anecdotes about my various visits to Italy over the past 20 or so years. Sometimes my mind wanders back to funny things that I have seen or have happened to me or my family whilst over there, and many years later the memory of them still brightens up a dull day.

This morning I was thinking about the time we were sitting in the garden of the house we were renting and noticed a couple of men standing around some lemon trees in the grounds of the house opposite. The men looked like farmers and their conversation was animated, involving quite a bit of pointing and arm-waving.  The discussions seemed to go on for ages, and I was fascinated by it all but of course couldn’t see or hear enough to understand what was going on. Then suddenly one of the men had clearly had enough, grabbed hold of one of the trees and moved it! Then did the same to another! And another! We then realised that each of these young trees was in an individual tub on wheels. The talking point had obviously been about the correct position for them to be in to get the most sunlight.

My husband and I couldn’t stop ourselves from laughing, watching all these trees gliding about with the lemons shaking, like some surreal version of Strictly Come Dancing.

I can’t see a lemon nowadays without thinking of it!

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